The Magic of Relationships

An Advanced Class of the Madison Rebuilding Program

For Anyone Dating or Considering Dating

Is true love possible, and if so… it possible for me?

How might I get a relationship right this time…..and not repeat my previous patterns?

8-Week Class Series

TUESDAYS 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM        September 22, 2020

Located at the Samaritan Counseling Center in the Water Tower Place

5900 Monona Dr. Suite 100, Monona, WI 53716

During this 8-Week Class you will Learn How to:

• Recognize Healthy Relationships: When to Leave & When to Stay

• Learn to Practice & Express Healthy Communication

• Learn to Express Healthy Conflict Skills

• How to Identify, Express, & Negotiate your Needs

• How to Identify Your Wants in a Relationship

• Become the Healthiest Partner You Can Be

Weekly Topics:

• Traits of a Healthy Relationship

• Addressing my Leftover Issues & Becoming a Healthier Individual

• Dimensions of Intimacy: Emotional, Intellectual, Sexual, and Spiritual

• Communication & Healthy Conflict Management

• Male/Female Perspectives

• Dating 101, Dating and Survival Skills/Sexuality


Fee for the Class is $295.


$275 if Registration is received at least Two Weeks in Advance.

Payment Plans Available.

Space is Limited.

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Dan Feaster

Phone: (608) 663-0763 ext. 200